Fluide XLD FE (Dexron III-H)

Product Description

New generation automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology.
Is particularly recommended for use on heavy duty automatic transmissions manufactured by Voith, Allison and ZF requiring maximal drain intervals.

Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability resulting in lower deposit and harmful acidic by-product formation.
Very stable viscosity profile even under very severe constrains of shear to ensure adequate lubrication all over time.
Excellent filterability allowing the reduction of filter change intervals thus reducing operating costs.
Improved anti-wear technology compared to previous ATF technologies for efficiency of power transmission for better fuel economy.

ZF TE-ML 04D, 09, 14B, 16L & 17C
Allison C-4 —n°32802009
MAN 339 Typ V2 & Z-2, Volvo 97341
Voith H55.6336, MB-Approval 236.6

Allison TES 389
Allison TES 295
MB-Approval 236.91
ZF 14C, 02F, 11B
MAN 339 Z-3
Dexron®III-H, Mercon® / Mercon® V

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