Nevastane XS 80 (Low temperature, extreme pressure)

Nevastane XS 80 (Low temperature, extreme pressure)

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Product Description

Low temperature extreme pressure calcium sulfonate complex grease for food and food related industry.

NEVASTANE XS 80 is a heavy duty multi purpose premium grease.
Recommended for various applications in the food and food related industry operating under severe conditions.
Very suitable to lubricate pelleting presses used in feed industry.
Complies with FDA Chapter 21 CFR,178.3570.
NSF H1 registered: No 147141.
Kosher and Halal and ISO 21469 certified.
ISO 6743-9 : L-XEFFB1/2 DIN 51502 : KP1/2R-55.

Excellent thermal stability
Remarkable load resistance
Extraordinary water resistance
Resitant to food acids and alkalis
Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties in the presence of salt water.

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